report on places to unwind in London

London workers need to unwind, but where? Flexioffices believes that they know after a survey of 282 workers.


The survey lists 15 places to relax in the capital. The top three are;


1. Covent Garden
The main two reasons given by the 29% who voted for Covent Garden were its restaurants and bars, and its shopping options. Covent Garden, at the heart of the West End, is a popular place to explore, shop, visit a museum and eat and drink.

2. Canary Wharf
13% of respondents choose Canary Wharf.  Those in the know wait until most of the office workers have gone home before they explore some of the capital’s oldest areas. Here there are cosy pubs, excellent restaurants, cultural heritage and public art.

3. London Bridge/Borough
11% of respondents chose London Bridge as their top place to unwind. The main reason given was London Bridge’s restaurants and bars.

Area Guides

The survey is part of a project, called London Area Guides, to help Londoners make the most of their downtime. These guides are written in collaboration with several influential bloggers and are illustrated by photographer, Jacintha Verdegaal.
You can find the remaining 12 locations at Flexioffices’ blog.