Holiday Safety Tips for Teenagers Part 1 of 4

I was asked to give a presentation on holiday safety tips to local Year 13 pupils. As I don’t usually research holidays for teenagers I carried out some research. When I asked  parents about trips taken by their children in the past I found that everyone had a story to tell.

The example in the headline was a boy who wandered off back to the apartment on his own. He wasn’t missed until the next morning. When his friends eventually found him all he had left on him was his underpants. He was attacked and robbed walking back to the apartment and was too drunk to fight his attackers off.

Now that the exams are coming to an end, many teenagers will be off on their first holiday without their parents. Most will have a great time and the worse that will happen to them is a few hangovers and maybe a little sunburn. Unfortunately for some the trip will be memorable for the wrong reasons.

In most instances their mishaps could have been avoided if a few precautions were taken. The next three blogs will be a summary of that presentation.