Why has this travel blogger not travelled in 2015?

A non-travel travel blogger

I’m not a well travelled person, but I have sent many people on great trips while I was a travel agent and a travel researcher. Both were great jobs, but also terrible ones as I did all the work but didn’t get to do the trip. Although once or twice I did ‘borrow’ a client’s trip when I did get to go away for some R and R.

I did have plans to travel in 2015, but circumstances prevented me from worrying if my luggage was ever going to arrive at the carousel.

Each week on my travel show my mind gets to travel as my guests describe their destinations, but this really isn’t the same. Especially if it is wet and grey outside.


Travel can be cheap, as the Broke Backpacker said during my 9th October show. But I don’t do cheap and cheerful. 12 years in travel has turned me into a snob when it comes to accommodation choices.

The reason for not travelling in 2015 is down to one thing (well two if you add lack on money). I have moved. It took  while, 18 months, to sell my old home. Old as in my last one and that the house was over 180 years old. But it finally happened.

I do miss it. Old does mean quirky. The heating and hot water system didn’t appear in any DIY manual. Although the heating did pack up before we moved and the guy who fixed it explained it all to me. Too bad I don’t need that knowledge anymore.

I miss the cobwebs and the fact that none of the walls were true. I also miss the view from my studio which was a field. Now all I can see is another house.

I also miss the population. Not all of them, just the number, around 150. My new home is in a village of 5,000. It’s like I’ve moved back to London.

The plan is to buy another old property in 5 years or so and we hope that this new build will be easy to sell so we can get the house we want.

Although the selling/buying process was so much hassle it’s kind of put me off ever moving again.

Poor Service

It’s the lack of information that causes the stress. Can you imagine booking a holiday and being told to wait for your departure time? We had to chase for updates. It seems that estate agents and conveyancers think that no new info to share means it’s not worth answering any calls or emails.

A ‘nothing to report’ is worth it’s weight in gold if you’re waiting to hear something. Days would pass before an email was replied to (if at all). I asked the same question three times and didn’t get an answer.

I think I’ve upset her

The second time I asked I also asked (via email) if my conveyancer was part time. She answered that one really quickly. Apparently she wasn’t and worked office hours Monday to Friday. Although this email was sent out of hours.

I think I touched a nerve. She never answered the other question though…

It’s a bit like being on holiday

Once we had actually moved in it was a little like being on holiday. Waking up in a strange bedroom, which a strange view. Not knowing the local area and the locals not wanting you there.

It seems that the estate I’m living in was not wanted by some of the locals. They don’t want their village to get any larger. Perhaps if they put as much effort as they have moaning about it into stopping it in the first place then I would not be here.

But the world is full of ‘I don’t want it and I want someone to stop it as I can’t be bothered’ people. Still not wanting me around just because of my house does save time.

Imagine what they’ll be like once they finally get to meet me…

I do have some observations after my first month in my new home.

  1. Post can arrive anytime between 12:00 and 18:00
  2. The disabled parking sign actually means ‘local parking for local people’
  3. Locals drive at around 60% of the speed limit outside of the village and at 130% of the speed limit once in the village (I got overtaken while going over a speed bump)
  4. This village is more diverse than Tingrith, yet it doesn’t seem to have any black squirrels….

Still time

Of course, once my new neighbours do finally get to meet me it may be safer it I do go away for a while…

Now the move is over and money has been given to people for I’m not quite sure what, travel is back on the cards and I’m hoping to make up for lost time in 2016.