Back in my day this was known as the Youth Hostels Association. But now it’s YHA (England and Wales). But as a kind of rebrand it’s definitely YHA from now on. I stayed in one a long time ago when I was a scout and as I got older they slipped off my radar. This was a mistake as even someone as old as me can stay in one.

The hostels aren’t all in the middle of nowhere, there are some in cities. So if you are on a training course perhaps you should consider staying in a hostel, not just to save money, but to be somewhere which isn’t a bland hotel chain.

Youth Hostels

My guest is Caroline White, the CEO of the Youth Hostel Association. Caroline talks us through the history of youth hostels in general and about those in England and Wales in particular.

Find out what big decision had to be made about the guests’ comfort and why you should consider staying in a hostel instead of using one of the chain hotels dotted throughout the UK.


Travel News

Also travel news covers a story that could be quite handy for me in the run up to Christmas as well as other air passengers who suffered with delayed flights.

That’s all on the John Guinn Travel Show, where I check it out before you check in.