Packing Tips

I can’t pack a suitcase, and for my last two trips I’ve had to share that lack of skill with strangers while my cases were inspected by border officers. I also have problems remembering what is packed in each case, and I only travel with two!

With plenty of packing gurus out there, I wanted to speak to someone who really knows how to pack a suitcase. And who better than a butler?

This week my guests are Gary Williams and Philip Sykes from the British Butler Institute. They share their packing knowhow and also talk about life as a butler.

6 Tips to help keep your home safe while you are away

Do you worry about your home while you’re away? Many do and I share six tips on keeping your home safe from mishaps and intruders while you are away.

That’s all coming up on this week’s travel show, when as always, I check it out before you check in.

John in the Travel Show Studio

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