What is the capital city of Illinois?

If I was to ask you what the capital of Illinois is, what would be your answer? Check if you are correct by listening to this week’s show.

My guest is Baha Green from the UK office for the Illinois tourist department. Baha explains what we can see and do while on a trip there. And also tells us the capital of Illinois.

For more info visit www.enjoyillinois.com and www.discoverillinois.org

Thelma and Louise

Also I have a feature on www.thelmaandlouise.com. This is a website for women to find travel companions or travel ideas. After speaking to Christine who is one of the website’s founders, there seems to be some partying too.

That’s all on the John Guinn Travel Show, where each week I’m checking it out before you check in.


John trying to name the capital of Illinois

John trying to name the capital of Illinois