Medical Expenses

It can be very expensive to get medical treatment in some countries. Some hospitals won’t treat you unless they know that they will get paid. If you need to be flown home, the costs are literally sky high (sorry).


If you are uninsured, you may end up losing your home to pay for the bills, or even made bankrupt.


Always mention pre-existing conditions
It is vital that you mention any pre-existing condition to the insurance company before you buy the policy. You may find that you will not be covered for any treatment for that problem. Don’t worry, they will find out should you need to make a claim. You should also tell the insurers about any change in your health before you go away.
Remember that by taking the insurance you are allowing the insurance company to ask your GP for your medical history when you make a claim.
Different parts of the world have different premiums partly because of the local cost of medical treatment. You will need higher cover for a trip to America, for example. This includes some neighbouring countries as well as you may be evacuated to the States for treatment.


As well as knowing what medical treatment you will be entitled to, double check that you will be covered for an emergency flight home.