Disasters and Terrorism

The UK summer break coincides with possibly disruptive weather in other locations around the world.


For example, from 1st June until 30th November it’s the Atlantic Hurricane Season, so if you head to the Caribbean during this period there is a slim chance that your holiday may be disrupted.


The good news is that if you’ve booked a package holiday and you’re caught up in a natural disaster, the tour operator will have to bring you home and if this applies, to compensate you for any remaining days that you missed. In some cases they may offer to switch you to an alternative destination. This may mean a surcharge if the new holiday is of a higher value.


Your travel insurance should cover you for medical costs, or loss of possessions. If you’ve put your own trip together you may find that a basic policy will not compensate you for loss of any remaining days.


Terrorism and war is different. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues advice about travelling to other countries. If the FCO advises against travel to a particular country, then you will find it to be more of a challenge to get insured.


If the FCO only advises against travel to a particular part of a country, it gets more complicated. You must avoid these blacklisted areas to be covered.


However, even if your destination does not appear of an advisory list, your insurance still may not cover you in the event of a terrorist attack.