Weights, Measures and Distances

The metric system is used almost world-wide (apart from Myanmar, USA and Liberia apparently), but there are still travellers that use other ways to measure or weigh something. Clothing can be especially difficult to work out, do you need a shoe sized 10, 44 or 10.5?

Search Engines

In the search box type in something like ‘convert 874 km to miles’ to get the answer. In Google you can also do the following:

1.59 euros/litre to dollars/gallon

This will produce a response similar to 1.59 (Euros / litre) = 10.3863243 U.S. dollars / Imperial gallon
This website as a basic distance chart.

This website for Bali and Indonesia has a distance converter and a currency converter. It doesn’t cover everywhere, but may be useful when travelling across the United States.

This is a portal similar to Tyzo, with links to various tools and information providers. This clothing chart also includes Japanese sizes.

O and A
This site also has links to convert shoe sizes, volumes and temperatures.

This is a website that converts the size for you.