Travel Tips

The Internet is full of experts (I’m not the only one!), so make full use of them by using the ‘Travel Advice’ sections on websites. These vary from basic FAQ sections to mini guides on subjects such as buying flights, packing, what to do in an emergency and keeping kids happy while travelling.


All Experts
A portal site with various subject headings. The information is provided by a mix of members of the general public and professionals responding to calls for help. By trawling through you should find most of the answers to your questions about specific locations. If you can’t find the information, then you look for an expert to ask for help.

  1. Find your category of interest. You can use the Search feature or you can navigate to your category using the index.
  2. When you reach the list of Experts in that category, check the specialisms they offer and what details the experts ask for; then click on the Ask a Question link beside him/her to submit your question. Double check that you have given all the information asked for before posting as any omissions will delay your answer.


The Practical Nomad
Edward Hasbrouck is The Practical Nomad. He is an authority on international travel, on airfares and how to get deals on the Internet. He is also a blogger and author of the Practical Nomad series of travel how-to and advice books.


Rick Steves’ Europe
This website aims to inspire, inform and equip Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable and culturally broadening.
Travel Phrase
Not travel tips as such, but a website that has translations of common phrases that a traveller might need.
What Price?
Although this site is a consumer price checking site, it also has articles that the owners feel users would find useful. This includes a list of travel tips provided by various sources.