When you use the Internet to research your trip you may come across websites written in the local language. If you can’t read the local language, you need to translate it somehow.


The following websites are to be used as a guide only. They should not be used to translate legal documents, or to be used for medical notification, such as for a severe food allergy. In instances like these, you need to speak to a professional translator.
Cut and paste the test into the box (max 150 words) and then using the dropdown menu select the languages. You can also translate a website but putting the web address (url) into the ‘Translate a Webpage’ box.
Free Translation
According to the owners, this website uses the most powerful automatic translation engine on the market. It allows users to obtain free translations of both text and web pages. The translation is generated by a computer and is displayed instantly. The main feature of this website is that the user is also dynamically shown the cost of having the same text professionally translated by a company called Click2Translate Express.
Google, the site that seems to do everything, has a translation tool. It can be used to translate bits of text, or a whole website. For some translations it also has a speaker button so you can hear how the words should be pronounced.

To access this service from the Google home page click on the ‘More’ heading in the index bar at the top of the page. Then you can paste in the required text, select the languages and then click on ‘Translate’.
To translate a whole website you need to click on the ‘Website Translator’ option near the bottom of the page.


This website provides a variety of useful tools for travellers, students and any other individuals interested in learning a foreign language. It also provides the user with links to some of the best places on the net already providing some related services.