When abroad, the British start doing something different; they start to leave tips. But how much should you leave, and would it be appropriate?


It’s not as though tipping is an everyday occurrence in the UK, so this can get quite stressful for some people. Of course, you could just visit other countries where not tipping is also the norm.
Some tips are more voluntary than others. In my opinion, tipping is a hidden cost to a cruise as you are automatically charged a set amount.


Also if you’re on a driving holiday you may have heard of children offering to ‘guard’ a car for a small fee. If you don’t pay them, who knows?
So if you’re going to tip always get low demonization notes when changing your money, and keep this ‘tips cash’ separate. After all, after a long flight it’s all too easy to give $100 instead of $1.
Also, leave a small gift for your room cleaner every day. That way you always ensure that they get a tip. You might leave on your cleaner’s day off, so someone less deserving may pick it up.
The tipping custom for your chosen destination can be found from sites such as these.
One page from this famous mine of information. It doesn’t cover everywhere, but you can edit it if you feel that something is wrong, or if you have knowledge of tipping in a country that has yet to be covered.
The Original Tipping Page
This site has links to other websites with information on tipping. Unfortunately not all of them are still working. However there is a working link to a website that names and shames lists bad tippers – you have been warned!