Time Difference Websites

With the fall in telephone call prices and the increase of travellers booking direct with companies in other countries, more and more people need to know the local time or the differences between time zones.

Some websites include a time difference calculator as part of their ‘package’, but there are sites that specialise in time difference, and can also include useful information such as dialling codes.

Search Engines
Using the search box you enter something similar to ‘current time in new york’ and click search and at the top of the listing you will get:

Time is 11:04 am on Thursday, Aug 6, 2009 – Albany, New York
This works on Yahoo!, Google and Alta Vista

Time and Date
This is a customisable website, and has useful features such as a World Clock which displays the current time in over 150 cities, a meeting planner, a calendar, and a Personalised World Clock where you can specify up to 25 locations.

It is also possible to find out daylight savings time information, the difference between a cities time zone and Greenwich Mean Time, sunrise and sunset time, dialling codes, and latitude and longitude.  The time zone converter will calculate the differences between times of two cities.
Time Zone Convertor
A ‘one stop shop’ for finding out the time around the world. As well as a time convertor there are tools to help you to plan events, find out your time zone and city times.
World Time Server
A website that is similar to Time Zone Convertor, so it offers all the time tools that you could think of, as well as apps for your own website or computer.