You may need to find somewhere for you to worship and to experience how your religion is practised locally.
Islamic Finder
This is a comprehensive website and is very useful for the Islamic traveller. It is run by a non-profit organization and lists mosques, Islamic organizations, Islamic centres, and Muslim owned businesses all over the world. Another feature is that it provides prayer times for more than 5.2 million cities world-wide along with information about their Qiblah direction, distance from Kaaba (Makkah), longitude, and latitude.
Kosher Delight
This is an online Jewish magazine. It is a very comprehensive site, as well as news and recipes; it lists Synagogues, Chabad Houses, etc. and Kosher hotels and restaurants.
This website is managed by the Ministry of the Mass Times Trust, and was originally set up to help Catholics travelling around America. It was then expanded to help Catholics with handicaps, migrants, pilgrims, refugees, and travellers find a Mass or other worship services throughout the Catholic World.