Travel Infromation - Which plug do you need for power?

Electricity Plug Adaptors and Telephone Sockets

International travellers who are used to packing their electrical appliances, phones, computers, and handheld devices often need information on electrical power and outlet configurations, telephone connections for modems, the use of cell phones, and special equipment.


Only one adaptor is needed


Always take a 4-way extension lead with you. Then you can use one adaptor to power up to 4 items (as long as you operate within the power rating of the adaptor; using four hairdryers at the same time is probably a bad idea). If you’re in a budget room, only use one appliance at a time. Local electrical standards are not always as high as those in the UK.


Finally, always check that your appliance will work with the voltage used in your destination. Computers, most phone chargers and radios should be ok, but hair dryers and hair straighteners may not work with lower voltages.


Travel Images

Here you will find diagrams of the various plugs and sockets, along with a list of the voltage and frequency for electricity supplies around the world.