Travel Basics and Tools

This chapter describes websites that you may need to help you to research your trip. As well as the web address, I have also given a brief description of the functions of the website. I have grouped the websites according to their type or use.
This section includes how to find the answers to questions such as;

  • Weather
  • Time Difference
  • Weights and Measures
  • Currencies
  • ATMs
  • Emergency Money
  • Electricity and Telephone Connections
  • Travel Gear
  • Packing
  • Misc
    o Religion
    o Tipping
    o Travel Tips
    o Translations
    o Theme Parks

You may find some of these links on travel websites on the page/menu option called ‘Travel Tools’. Others may be websites in their own right.

I recommend that you set up a ‘Travel Basics and Tools’ folder in your browser’s ‘Favourites’ option to ensure that these sites are always close to hand.