Social media can be very useful when planning your travel

Social Media and Travel

An important resource when researching your trip is ‘Social Media’. This is basically using websites that have their content supplied by the public. Here you will find people that are willing to share their experiences either by answering questions or just writing about their trips.

For example, if you need to know the right bus to get between two Ukrainian towns, then a social media website can help.

For the purposes of this guide, I am classing social media websites as review sites, blogs, forums and websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

To experience a great holiday you need to put the work in. You could spend ages using a search engine to research each part of your trip, or you could just ask for help. If you ask, the answers could be with you within seconds or maybe after you’ve woken up the next day.

Finding great hotel rooms (or other types of accommodation), local restaurants, things to see and do and other hidden gems should be on the top of your research list.

In the past you might have been able to get this information from your travel agent, or probably a guide book. Now in the age of price cutting, travel agents don’t have the time to really tell you about your destination and guide books are out of date before they are printed.

Social media allows you to find out the facts, avoid tourist traps and poor service. In fact anything that you need to know before you book.