The Moon, foreigners and lack of seating

Travel agents share their funny stories

Travel agents get asked many questions by clients looking to book their next holiday, such as ‘how far away is the sea?’ and ‘what is the nightlife like?’.

However, sometimes the questions force the agents to look around for a hidden camera.

Travel professionals have shared their open-mouthed moments with colleagues on Facebook.

Here is the top ten.

  1. Telling a client that they need a visa to go to India and seeing their face fall as they realised they only had MasterCard
  2. Which month do they switch on the Northern Lights?
  3. How heavy will my suitcase be?
  4. What time does the midnight boat go?
  5. Can my son stand on the plane when there are not enough seats left?
  6. One traveller refused to believe that they couldn’t take their own car on a fly-drive holiday
  7. Are there a lot of foreigners in Greece? Because in Spain it’s 99% English and I’d like somewhere like that?
  8. A guest in Spain told her rep how she was amazed that the Spanish moon looked just like the one in the UK
  9. Asking how much would be saved if the complimentary transfers were taken off the bill
  10. One customer replied ‘slightly raised and embossed’ when asked how their name appears on their credit card

Sometimes working in a call centre is safer

It isn’t just the questions that amaze the travel agents, it’s customer behaviour as well.

One travel agency had someone come in and ask for a spoon. She then opened and ate her Muller Light. She did give the spoon back, along with the empty pot.

Another wanted her motorised scooter charged up while she ate her chips, and in another agency a keep-fit enthusiast demonstrated her exercises in the middle of the shop.

You don’t have to be mad to work here…

It’s not just the customers who can flummox agents, colleagues can too.

One travel agent wouldn’t book a trip to Madagascar as she didn’t think it was a real place, and a trainee asked a colleague if they could take pictures of the Hollywood sign while they were in New York.