The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has said that a recent series of micro earthquakes on the island are not signs of an imminent volcanic eruption, in a statement released today.

The Corporation explained that the activity recorded last Sunday was not due to any seismic activity, but to low intensity tectonic movements.

The Volcanology Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) stated that the tremors could be related to the hydrothermal system of the volcano, and not to a magmatic intrusion, which is a “common situation which should not frighten anybody”.

Tenerife was formed by a volcano and is continuously monitored. This means that any seismic activity associated with magma would be detected in the very early stages.

The last volcanic eruption on the island was over 100 years ago. There were no recorded injuries.

There have been no changes on the island related to these micro earthquakes.