Cheap City Breaks for UK Travellers during the first half of 2015

The stong pound meant cheaper holidays in Europe and Asia

A report of 121 destinations found that British travellers paid less in 75 of the destinations surveyed.

The Hotel Prices Index is a regular report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world, tracking the movement in prices that people actually paid* for their accommodation and providing insight into the reasons behind these changes.

The data was drawn from bookings made on the websites worldwide.

The report showed that travellers from the UK paid less on average in 80% of the European destinations in the report.


The country with the biggest decrease in average price was in the Ukraine, with Kiev dropping 48% to £65 per night. This was followed by Moscow in Russia dropping 36% to £92 per night.


Monte Carlo still registered the highest paid for room rates for travellers in the first six months of the year.
Asia was the best value for money for British travellers with eight of the 10 cities included in the HPI featured at the bottom of the table. The largest decrease was seen in Phuket, down 29% to £58 per night.


Top Ten Most Expensive Hotel Locations

Top Ten Cheapest Hotel Locations

Destination H1 2015 H1 2014 % change
Monte Carlo GBP218 GBP223 -2
Key West GBP196 GBP192 2
Boston GBP182 GBP153 19
New York GBP171 GBP171 0
Muscat GBP170 GBP197 -14
San Francisco GBP165 GBP153 8
Riviera Maya GBP165 GBP169 -2
Seattle GBP161 GBP133 21
Miami GBP160 GBP146 10
Cancun GBP160 GBP170 -6
Destination H1 2015 H1 2014 % change
Pattaya GBP34 GBP39 -14
Chiang Mai GBP34 GBP41 -16
Phnom Penh GBP36 GBP34 5
Hanoi GBP39 GBP36 7
Siem Reap GBP43 GBP41 6
Ho Chi Minh City GBP50 GBP48 3
Vilnius GBP55 GBP61 -10
Bangkok GBP55 GBP51 9
Riga GBP56 GBP63 -12
Phuket GBP58 GBP82 -29

*Average prices paid per night inclusive of taxes and fees.

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