This podcast features St Helena as a holiday destination

I had been trying to get a guest to talk about St Helena for ages. But it was worth the wait as my expert guest was Mrs Kedell Worboys MBE. She is the St Helena’s Government’s elected UK Representative. She was awarded her MBE in  2009. She was elected as President of the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) Executive Committee earlier this year.

Kedell Worboys MBE

Kedell started working for SHG in 1981 as a Trainee Clerk in the Audit Department. She moved to the Treasury in 1987 and 1989 was promoted to Chief Clerk in the Development and Economic Planning Department. She was later promoted to Chief Development Officer. Kedell also served as a Director of the St Helena Development Agency Board.

So who better to talk about this remote island?

Kedell shares her knowledge about St Helena, including how to get there, what to do and her favourite pastime when she gets to go back.

You will also find out why you’ve heard of St Helena, even if you don’t know how.  If you’ve been to the island please let me know what you thought, either by commenting below or by sharing your pictures on my FaceBook page.