There is yet another online booing scam, this time the target is skiers. 

Fraudsters are copying details of  apartments and chalets advertised online and re-listing them on popular rentals websites, such as Airbnb.

ABTA is planning an awareness campaign in the New Year after describing the scam as “a growing problem”.

Airbnb, which hosts listings for more than 500,000 properties, acknowledged that people had been able to post fraudulent listings for luxury chalets.

A spokesman said: “These kinds of listings are incredibly rare, but when they happen, our team works quickly to ensure they are removed from our community and we’re always developing new tools to fight fraud.”

He said that Airbnb protects guests and hosts by handling transactions and offers refunds when bookings go wrong.

So take care when booking online, never pay by a money transfer from your bank account, use a credit card where possible and if you only have a debit card please check with your bank to see what protection you have against fraud.

If you know of any scam, whether first hand, or if someone you know has been caught out pleases share the story below.