Mystery tours from, only reveal the destination once the traveller gets to their designated departure airport.


Groups of up to four people can set their own budget and also opt out of up to three destinations they don’t want to visit, but are guaranteed at least 48 hours in one of 77 surprise European destinations.
Research by found a quarter of people who book their holiday months in advance, say the excitement of travel gets lost due to an overload of information available online. It also comes as 81% of travellers admit to enjoying being surprised according to the study.
SurpriseTrips offers flights from all major UK and Irish airports and only serves European weekend trip destinations that require no visas.

What’s included:
  • Return flights (never more than 3.5 hours flight time each way)
  • Minimum three start accommodation
  • Destination selected from 77 European cities (all Mainland Europe), all of which offer public transport to the city centre
  • All surprise trips depart from the UK & Ireland


Andy Washington, Brand Expedia, said: “We are very excited about SurpriseTrips and look forward to our travellers experiencing the destination as it is meant to be – as a surprise from the start.”