Low Cost = High Price?

This is a story about a company that took advantage of EU rules by moving to Spain. This meant that it didn’t need to worry about the consumer protection rules that had to be followed by UK based companies.


The last time I looked, the consumer protection T&Cs on the company’s website were in Spanish, followed by what looked like a scruffy photocopy of an English translation.


Listeners to my show, readers of my book, or those who saw my presentations would be aware of how important reading the small print is before handing over your money.

Price before protection

As a former travel agent, I know that most people are after ‘the best deal’. This is unsurprising as consumer protection gurus have been telling people to haggle travel agents down to nothing. If I had a pound for every “is that your best price?”, I could have sold cheaper holidays.


Instead, the ‘experts’ should have been warning people about this sort of thing.


But no, they just repeat the same half truths or errors, over and over again.


Bland, basic and badly presented

Three weeks ago, I spotted six half-truths or errors in an article in a nation newspaper written by an ‘expert’. When I gave them feedback, the excuse was a ‘lack of space’. Brilliant.


Be very careful about who you give your money to, and also be careful about which travel experts you listen to. I feel that many don’t know travel at all.