John discusses Travel Health

John Guinn talks Travel Health with NaTHNac

Travel Health

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is causing concern, but each year there are health concerns around the World. In the UK these are monitored by The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC). As well as diseases NaTHNaC also looks into other health issues for travellers from the UK. What are they? I speak to Dr Dipti Patel to find out.

Viva Las Vegas

I’m sure everyone knows what there is to see and do at Las Vegas, but what about the city’s home State, Nevada? I chat with Leanne Gosford, who represents both destinations in their London Office, to see what Nevada has to offer, as well as looking into the attractions in Las Vegas. Drive through wedding anyone?

Travel News

In the travel news section I mention the latest volcanic ash scare and travel insurance. To prove that I don’t just throw this show together, the final story is about a holidaymaker who took his tour operator to court after he suffered health problems after a trip to Cuba. That’s all coming up on this week’s John Guinn Travel Show podcast, where each week I’m ‘checking it out before you check in’. [GARD]