John in the Travel Show Studio

John Guinn at the Secklow Sounds Mixing Desk

This week’s travel show features Berlin and Karnataka.


Did you know that Berlin is home to people from 187 nations? I didn’t. Also Christian from the Berlin Tourist Office talks us through various attractions and some history of this iconic city.


Karnataka is a southern Indian State. When I was at a promotion evening for Karnataka i was surprised by the variations of holidays on offer here. I definitely had preconceived ideas and I was totally wrong. Find out why when my guest talks about her home.

Travel News

Also in travel news I have two stories where passengers where kicked off their flights. This was either bad behaviour or ignoring the rules. With BA offering a new deposit scheme I say why it’s better to use a travel agent to get the same thing for free. Not only is it free, it’s more flexible too. Although you do have to watch out for some sharp practice from some unscrupulous travel companies.

That’s all on the John Guinn Travel Show, where each week I’m checking it out before you check in…