Hurricane Season shouldn’t be a secret

When I started in the business they call travel, I was surprised how many people travelling to the Caribbean did not know about the Hurricane Season.

I was once told “well, it wasn’t the Hurricane Season last year”.

From 1st June until the 30th November it is officially the North Atlantic Hurricane Season. In theory a hurricane can hit anywhere in the Caribbean Sea or North Atlantic. Most of the storms are within the Hurricane Belt. This is an area that includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

There are a few Caribbean Islands that are outside of this defined area, and some may say that they are safe from hurricanes. This isn’t technically true. I once lost a sale to another travel company that suggested that Aruba is safe from hurricanes. Although it wasn’t hit directly during the month my ex-client was due to travel, Hurricane Felix caused a lot of flooding on the island.

During my show broadcast on the 1st July I asked Dr. Lixion Avila from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, if any island could claim to be storm free, and he said no.

He also said that the chances of being hit while on holiday are slim, so it shouldn’t put you off travelling. Just make sure that you know what the local procedures are – just in case.

Find out what else he said by listening to the John Guinn Travel Show podcast.