Now I’m not asking if you had a bad holiday, but how much of it can you remember in detail?

All those great times you had together may now just be one big blur.

The dynamics of family holidays change as the children get older, and you don’t get that many. It would be a shame for forget a magical moment. So this year do something different, keep a journal.

Of course, you take photos, which may, or may not, stay on your pc never to see the light of day. Pictures are great, but they just freeze a moment in time. They may trigger a memory, but what if a great moment happened off camera? Would you remember it? Would you remember what someone said?

When I spent some time away on an animal sanctuary it was suggested to me that I write everything down, as it happened or at the end of the day. I wasn’t sure about it, but I’m so glad that I did.

I have hundreds of pictures, but without my journal I wouldn’t be able to remember the names of the fellow volunteers or the animals in the pictures.

My journal ensures that I can recall all the events of my trip (as long as I can remember where I put it). I am so glad that I kept it up to date. It wasn’t always easy to set aside time to complete the day’s entry, but it was so worth it.

Perhaps each family member can keep their own holiday diary. These can be private, or combined with photos to make a ‘coffee table’ book of your trip. These are easy to put together, with many online companies offering a printing service.

So have a ‘memorable holiday’ this year. Keep a journal.