A Home Exchange Holiday is now easier to Plan

HomeExchange.com has announced a partnership with TripAdvisor to integrate TripAdvisor reviews and ratings across the HomeExchange.com website.

HomeExchange.com is an online home exchange travel community. Since it started in 1992 by Ed Kushins, there have been over one million home exchanges and has over 60,000 members. During 2014 there was over 130,000 home swaps across more than 150 countries.

HomeExchange claims that travelling in this way saves over 50% of the costs of traditional accommodation.

The website is now available in 15 different languages and by staying in a member’s home the traveller gets the opportunity to ‘live like a local’.


TripAdvisor® is the one of the world’s largest travel sites. It enables travellers to plan and book the perfect trip. With the various branded websites TripAdvsor has 315 million unique monthly visitors, who are looking for advice on destinations, accommodation and restaurants. With more than 200 million reviews and opinions, there is plenty of advice to be found.

HomeExchange.com chief operating officer, Jim Pickell said: “TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted travel brands in the world and our members are already using their content to plan every aspect of their travels. This partnership will provide additional value to HomeExchange.com members and will make the planning process even more seamless – members can now access useful TripAdvisor ratings and reviews without even having to leave our site.”

With just a click HomeExchange.com members will be able to learn more about destinations before making a decision. Information available includes reviews on restaurants, local farmers markets, entertainment, kid-friendly attractions, parks, and activities such as biking or hiking.

“The HomeExchange.com community is based on sharing,” says Pickell, “our members reveal their favourite things to do and places to eat to their exchange partners, creating an authentic “live like a local” experience. Our collaboration with TripAdvisor will exponentially increase the opportunities for our members to make informed decisions and find new destinations.”

For more information visit www.homeexchange.com