The end of an era

I'm now writing local news

Cranfield and Marston Vale Chronicle

In June 2012 I broadcasted my first travel show. The last one was broadcast on 29th June 2017. That’s 227 shows (it started monthly, then fortnightly going weekly).

I ended the show as my Masters course at Birmingham City University made me look outside of the travel world. Trying to base every assignment on a travel story wasn’t really helpful. I needed to leave my comfort zone.

It was during my first year that I came across hyperlocal websites. Quality local news (in my area anyway) seems to be declining and my village isn’t really covered.

So, to pass the time between the end of my first year and the start of the second I decided to start up a hyperlocal website covering the Central Bedfordshire Council’s Cranfield and Marston Moretaine Ward. I decided to call it the Cranfield and Marston Vale Chronicle.

The Travel Researcher website will still be updated, but not that often. I can still be contacted if you have any travel questions. I still have my contacts so I should be able to find you your answer.