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Travel Show – Falkland Islands and Paris

The Falkland Islands The Falklands in in my head at the moment. Firstly because I’m looking at visiting at the end of 2015 (if I can convince my wife to fly for 20 odd hours) and because of the Top Gear problems in Argentina. I replay an interview I recorded over the phone with Darren Christie, senior marketing manager at the FITB in Stanley. Listen in to find out why I want to visit there. Paris Closer to home I talk about Paris. This week is part 1/2 of my brief guide to visiting Paris. And of course there is Travel News, including me saying that I may have been wrong over something. A rare moment indeed....

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John Guinn Travel Show – 25th November 2013

Falkland Islands Want to visit somewhere where your neighbours haven’t? Why not visit the Falklands? I chat to Darren Christie from the Falkland Islands Tourist Board to find out what’s there. I’m so impressed about this destination it has now moved right up my Bucket List. “I don’t need a travel agent to protect my holiday, my credit card will” – I common message I hear as a travel researcher. Yes a credit card can refund your money from some purchases, but is that true for your holiday? Find out when I speak to Richard Koch the Head of Card...

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John Guinn Travel Show – 11th November 2013

Christmas Shopping It’s Christmas Shopping time!! Are you going overseas to look for bargains? Well be careful you may have an unexpected bill when you arrive back in the UK. I’m replaying an interview with Bob from HMRC. He shares some very scary information (if you have ever gone through the Green Channel when you shouldn’t have). What to visit a capital city to get high? Well you can’t get higher than Quito. This South American city is the highest capital in the world. Listen to Andrew    from the Quito Tourist Office to find out more. I also speak...

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