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Abu Dhabi and Botswana – Travel Show

Botswana and Abu Dhabi This week I talk about Botswana and Abu Dhabi. My first guest is Nabeel Al Zaroni, from the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority. He will talk about what to see and do there. Dawn Parr who represents the Botswana tourist department in the UK tells us why this is an exclusive African destination. Travel news includes Heathrow and Gatwick airports little tiff over a support group....

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John Guinn Travel Show – 12th August 2013

In this week’s show John Talks to Matt Clarkson from the London Dungeons about their move to new premises and why you should visit. It’s a lot of fun.  John also talks to Nabeel Al Zarouni, UK Country Manager for the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority about visiting Abu Dhabi. Want to know the best time to visit this destination? Then listen in. Of course there is also a cheesy tune, perhaps a travel rant and some travel news too. Listen to the John Guinn Travel Show – 12th August...

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