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Airport Security and Christmas Presents

Airport Security It’s my own fault. I should remember that the media only want to write about this type of thing after the event. It prefers to report on someone’s misery. The media isn’t big on being helpful. So I’m not surprised that various newspapers and TV news programmes have decided against sharing this information. However, I am disappointed to see that one local paper could find room to publish the immanent arrival of a large lorry promoting a fizzy drink, but couldn’t find the space to warn people about taking Christmas presents through airport security. Anyway, my rant is over. Here is the important stuff. 100ml Liquids Rule The aviation information service OAG predicts that 400,000 passengers will fly from UK airports this Friday (Dec 19). Some of them will be flying off to celebrate Christmas with friends or family. A proportion of these will not have a happy start to their journey. These travellers will find that they won’t be able to take their carefully selected and expensive Christmas presents through airport security. The restrictions for carrying liquids through airport security have been in place for eight years, but passengers still try to fly with prohibited items in their hand luggage. For most of the year forgetting about the 100ml liquid rule may mean a minor inconvenience as losing toothpaste or shampoo. Christmas Presents However at this...

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John Guinn Travel Show (Travel Stresses) – 14th July 2014

It’s nearly school holiday time here in England. A time for families to enjoy some time together. However, for some it is a time of stress. This week I talk about how to plan ahead to remove possible stressful situations as you travel to your holiday destination. As well as covering preparing for airport security checks I also talk about the equipment and systems used so you can see why some of the checks are made. Also the AA talks about how to prepare your car for a summer drive (I    nearly had a mishap last week and I needed to be reminded about these checks).   Listen to the John Guinn Travel Show – 14th July...

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How do I get a Free Upgrade?

This is a question that I am asked a lot, usually by someone on their once a year trip. It’s not easy to get an upgrade if you’re not flying regularly. The best way to get a business class or first class ticket is to pay for one. Smiling at the person at the check-in desk doesn’t work, and you could also be the 50th person to have tried the same old lines. The staff are also under pressure not to give out free upgrades. For example BA now categorises a ‘passenger upgrade without proper payment or authorisation’ as fraud, and the member of  staff might face dismissal. So why do upgrades happen? If you are lucky enough to get bumped up closer to the pilot, it will probably be due to ‘operational’ reasons. These are the upgrades that arise when the economy cabin is full and there are insufficient ‘no-shows’ to get everyone with economy tickets seated in the aircraft. So someone has to be moved up from economy. This overbooking is a normal practice for airlines at peak times. So, what are the best plays in your free upgrade game? First, an easy, yet painful to some, action is to pay a higher fee. As I mention in my book, The Travel Researcher’s Guide, flight seats are divided into different classes. I’m not talking economy, first, business,...

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John Guinn Travel Show 7th October 2013

This show has an interview with award wining hotelier Evatt Bloomfield. Evatt is based at Sunset Beach Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Find out about his hotel and how he with like minded individuals help to improve Montego Bay. Scared of flying? Well Easyjet’s Fearless Flyer Course could help you to overcome that fear. Captain Chris Foster talks about the course and what happens if a plane is hit by lightening. More travellers are looking for a holiday that offers more than just beach and sun. Volunteer Holidays are one way of having a memorable holiday. Hannah from The Great Projects talks about these and how her company can match you to the right trip. Listen to the John Guinn Travel Show Podcast – 7th October...

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John Guinn Travel Show – 16th September 2013

Scared of flying? I was once and I know how bad you can feel before you go off on holiday. There are many methods that can help you, one method is hypnotherapy. I speak to Lee at Set Your Mind Free to find how this can help. Aruba, a Caribbean island that many miss, but it has lots to offer. Find out what by listening to my chat with Tirso Tromp, the Area Director Europe from the Aruba Tourist Office. Finally I conclude my series on using the internet to research your holiday. Listen to the John Guinn Travel Show Podcast – 16th September...

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John Guinn Travel Show – 8th July 2013

John speaks to Mary Tucker from London Walks about walking tours of London. He has a go at doing an ‘Our Tunes’ with some humorous complaint letters to airlines and finds out about the Hard Rock All Inclusive Hotels in The Dominican Republic and Mexico by chatting with Debbie Walker from Destination Representation. Listen to the John Guinn Travel Show Podcast 8th July...

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5 Ways to get a better flight for less

There are a few common questions thrown my way, probably the most common one is “do you need an assistant to check out all the resorts for you?” This is closely followed by “can you get me an upgrade?” My stock answer used to be if you want first class then pay for it. Unfortunately you can’t even guarantee first class when you’ve paid for it anymore. You could get bumped because of some big shot. Airlines rarely give upgrades anymore, even to their most frequent fliers. So a once-a-year annual holidaymaker has no chance. But you can try...

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