Author: John Guinn

How memorable was your last family holiday?

Now I’m not asking if you had a bad holiday, but how much of it can you remember in detail? All those great times you had together may now just be one big blur. The dynamics of family holidays change as the children get older, and you don’t get that many. It would be a shame for forget a magical moment. So this year do something different, keep a journal. Of course, you take photos, which may, or may not, stay on your pc never to see the light of day. Pictures are great, but they just freeze a...

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When did you last send a postcard?

  According to Wikipedia, the earliest known picture postcard was posted in London to a writer called Theodore Hook in 1840. It had a hand painted design which was of a caricature of post office workers. It is believed to be a joke by Hook and that he probably sent it to himself. In 1894 the Royal Mail gave permission to British publishers to manufacture and distribute picture postcards. These early postcards were pictures of famous landmarks, scenic views, photographs or drawings of celebrities , etc. All fairly tame and ‘proper’. Trains were beginning to provide fast and affordable travel to...

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Holiday Fraud

  The recent court case in Northern Ireland comes a week after ABTA announced a new consumer campaign aimed at raising awareness of the dangers posed by holiday booking fraud. The Association said new research by the police shows that fraudsters are conning unsuspecting travellers out of thousands of pounds each year or leaving them stranded with nowhere to stay through fake websites, false advertising, bogus phone calls and email scams. ABTA is partnering with Get Safe Online, Action Fraud and the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau ( NFIB ) on the campaign, which will encourage consumers to...

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Saying it right

The biggest problem with starting your own travel business without any previous experience is being able to pronounce the destinations correctly. In a previous life I was an electronics engineer. I can easily pronounce and explain what a double diode pentode is used for, but ask me to pronounce Costa Adeje. Then I have problems. If I had a pound for each phone call I’ve made to a tour operator where they have absolutely no idea which destination I’m after, then perhaps I would have enough for my hair transplant. Or at least I would have enough to buy...

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