Author: John Guinn

How to Excel with Tableau – a brief introduction to working with Tableau

This time it is with data+visual London, 22 February 2017 Search for: Tableau – Part Three It’s a shame I missed parts one and two, but as part on my MA in Online Journalism assignment I attended a data+visual London Meetup. The meeting was held at Tableau’s impressive offices in Southwark. Well, they impressed me anyway. This Meetup’s main presenter was Géraldine Zanolli, product consultant at Tableau. She was joined by Marina Lindl, manager, Product Consulting EMEA. Together they were going to demonstrate how users can combine the power of Excel and Tableau. We would be shown how to prepare Excel files for analysis, and how to leverage Excel mastery in Tableau. There was also a short ‘give it a go’ session, with prizes awarded to the best data displays.   How to try Tableau There are three versions available: Tableau Desktop Tableau Server Tableau Online   All three have a free trial period. There is also Tableau Public, which is a free, limited version. Tableau The company says that its mission is to “help people see and understand their data”. It is doing this by writing business intelligence (BI) software to transform  the way people use data to solve problems. It can create visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using a data source.  The reports are interactive and can easily be shared. Using ‘drag and drop’ it aims to be user friendly so there is no need for a technical...

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Working with geographical data in a local directory on a Windows 10 PC

Is the exercise possible on a Windows machine? At the meeting I couldn't install the software Search for: Recap –  my first Meetup didn’t go well In another blog I talked about my first Meetup which was part of my MA in Online Journalism. My assignment is to build up my journalism network. I was originally going to stick to an industry I know well, but decided that this would be a waste of a learning experience. I am looking at building a network of journalists and coders. I must effort in this was to attended a Journocoders meeting in London. The meeting was an exercise in working with geographical data. However, my attempt didn’t go well as my notebook would not load the software. Was this a Windows or a machine issue? I decided to try the exercise again on my desktop machine. My desktop machine This is more powerful than my HP Stream. It is homemade, with an AMD A6-6400K, running at 3.9GHz and it has 8GB of RAM, running 64 bit Windows 10 Home. Is this good? I’ve no idea, the choices were based purely on the money I found down the back of the sofa.   The exercise Before the meeting we were asked to install the latest version of Node. This I managed without any issues. Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8...

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Does netiquette still exist?

Has the flood of Facebook users made Netiquette irrelevant? Search for: Netiquette As part of my MA in Online Journalism, I was tasked to join new groups to widen my journalism network. As part of this assignment I have looked into online groups. When people meet in groups there needs to be an understanding of the conduct expected by group members. It doesn’t matter if the groups meet offline or online, there needs to be a list of rules to enable everyone to get the most out of the conversation. For the real world there is Debretts,  for the Internet there is netiquette. Although as more people gain online access it is possible that netiquette has all but disappeared. What is netiquette? The word netiquette is a combination of net (or network) and etiquette. It is a guide to respecting other users’ views and also to ensure courtesy when posting your own views online. Back in the days of slow, dial-up modems it also helped to reduce time and money by removing any unnecessary comments. If someone did post something that breached the group’s netiquette they were soon told about it by being flamed. Which, ironically, increased the amount of data needed to be downloaded. Each group, mailing list, bulletin board or Usenet had its own rules, but there was a common thread between them. For example, three common types of...

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My first Journocoders Meetup

Or when I took a knife to a gunfight - I didn't have the tools or skills to join in Search for: As part of my MA in Online Journalism, (it now has a new name) I had to ‘build knowledge and contacts in a certain field, as well as building expertise, while also building your reputation‘. I’ve been in travel since 2004 and my goal is (was) to be a travel journalist, so I automatically opted to stick to with what I know. My first effort can be found here. But what’s the point of always sticking with what you know? I quickly found that most of the groups I found weren’t that chatty. I did manage to book an interview with the Aviation Environment Federation, but that was it. My assignment was either going to be very brief, or I would have to change my plans. There is no point doing an MA while staying in your comfort zone. So I decided to try to join data journalist and programming groups. Unfortunately, the combination of meetings, active groups and work commitments meant that I still had limited options. Especially when my LinkedIn group requests went unanswered. No programming experience required! Journocoders was the first meeting I could attend. On 9th February, I popped south of the river to learn about “how to work with geographical data. We will be...

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Airport campaign groups

Unhappy with airport pollution or costs? There'll be an airport campaign group for that Search for: Airports can be the neighbour you’re always complaining about Recently, campaigners have failed in another bid to block the prospect of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. But it isn’t just airport expansion that can upset people. Glasgow Airport will be introducing a ‘kiss and drop’ charge this April and there is already a campaign against it. Local, national and international These campaign groups have varied goals, including reducing costs, the local environment and how the World’s environment is affected. Here is a list of some of the groups that are keeping a watch on airports.   UK national organisations Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) Campaign for Better TransportCampaign to Protect Rural England Climate Concern Environmental Protection UK Friends of the Earth (England Wales and Northern Ireland) Friends of the Earth (Scotland) Green Alliance Greenpeace UK Plane Stupid England Birmingham Airport Balsall Common Airport Action Group Birmingham Friends of the Earth  Gatwick Airport BEAG (Bidborough Environmental Action Group) CAGNE  (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) CAGNE East Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) Gatwick Obviously NOT High Weald Parish Councils Aviation Action Group Plane Wrong Heathrow Aircraft Noise Lightwater HACAN Clear Skies Hammersmith & Fulham No 3rd Runway Richmond Heathrow Campaign SHE  (Stop Heathrow Expansion) Stop the Flight Path Trial Around Ascot  Stop Trial Flight Path...

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