Airport Security

It’s my own fault. I should remember that the media only want to write about this type of thing after the event. It prefers to report on someone’s misery. The media isn’t big on being helpful.

So I’m not surprised that various newspapers and TV news programmes have decided against sharing this information.

However, I am disappointed to see that one local paper could find room to publish the immanent arrival of a large lorry promoting a fizzy drink, but couldn’t find the space to warn people about taking Christmas presents through airport security.

Anyway, my rant is over. Here is the important stuff.

Departures Sign

Flying off this Christmas? Watch out for airport security

100ml Liquids Rule

The aviation information service OAG predicts that 400,000 passengers will fly from UK airports this Friday (Dec 19). Some of them will be flying off to celebrate Christmas with friends or family.

A proportion of these will not have a happy start to their journey. These travellers will find that they won’t be able to take their carefully selected and expensive Christmas presents through airport security.

The restrictions for carrying liquids through airport security have been in place for eight years, but passengers still try to fly with prohibited items in their hand luggage.

For most of the year forgetting about the 100ml liquid rule may mean a minor inconvenience as losing toothpaste or shampoo.

Christmas Presents

However at this time of year passengers may find that they are unable to take valuable Christmas presents on-board.

There are some exceptions to the 100ml rule, such as essential medicines and baby food, but all other liquids will be removed and disposed of.

A £5,000 bottle of Riesling is just the same as a £2 bottle of cola when it comes to airport safety.

It’s not just liquids that can cause problems, children’s toys may also been seen as potentially dangerous items.

Items may need to be inspected more closely, so it is advisable to leave wrapping the presents until you arrive at your destination.

Airline Rules

Of course, it isn’t just the airport security rules that passengers have to be aware of, airlines have their own restrictions too. For example, it may be possible to carry Christmas crackers in the original un-tampered packaging through security, only to find that the airline will not allow them on-board.

Jackie Bowry, spokesperson for London Luton Airport, said: “These points [will] help to make the security search process much quicker and smoother for passengers;

1. Get ready for your security search by removing coats and preparing bags.

2. Any liquids in your hand baggage must be in 100ml containers in a 20cm x 20cm clear re-sealable plastic bag.

3. If carrying liquids, please remove from your hand baggage and present them before getting to the x-ray.

So before setting off, check the airport and airline websites to ensure that you will not be caught out by any restrictions and remember to allow plenty of time for the journey through the airport.