In a recent blog, I listed my top six pleas to hotel owners. I also get annoyed by fellow passengers. So here is my air passenger etiquette list that I would love other passengers to follow. This can also be directed at train passengers too (if you add turn your headphones down, and turn your speaker off)

Do as you are told

Get to the gate when it is open, don’t try to board before your row is called, have everything ready for inspection. It’s not rocket science.

Don’t block the gangway when people are boarding

Yes, I know the seat space is too small, but just store your overhead luggage and sit down. While I’m at it, don’t pinch someone else’s overhead storage. If you have ignored the limits and need more space, ask the flight attendant to help. This may mean having it put in the hold, so ha, ha.

Wash, don’t just wear a vest and don’t use too much perfume

I had a smelly passenger next to me once, really bad BO. He was a nervous passenger, so I told him about all the plane crashes over the last 24 hours . On one flight, a guy in front of me had really hairy arms, I’m talking gorilla arms. He was only wearing a vest. I was so happy that he was in front and not next to me.

Also, you may love the perfume you just got in duty-free, but it is making me gag. As is your Starbucks coffee and smelly sandwich. Just don’t.

Just shh!

Transport should be like a library. Just keep quiet. If the plane isn’t crashing you have nothing I want to hear about.

Please don’t recline too far

I’m not that tall, just 6’ 2”, but even this is too large for most airline seats. My space is limited and my knees still work, just. So please don’t lean back and crush them. Not without checking that I’m not eating, drinking or working on my laptop.

Finally, just don’t

Please don’t grab my headrest when you are walking down the aisle. It’s not pleasant and very rude. So is whacking my shoulder as you waddle on by without apologising.

Maybe, I’ll be doing both to you later..


Do you agree, have I missed anything off?